The Rocky Road to New York

I have some exciting news: I am training to run the New York City marathon! I mean: Holy Crap, I’m going to run 26.2 freakin’ miles? What on earth was I thinking???

But more importantly, I’m going to dedicate some time to updating this blog weekly to keep myself in check. Not only in check with the running part, but with the blogging. As you can see, my blogging has been spotty at best published on a variable time basis. Yeah, well, I guess I just haven’t had anything to say in a long time. Sometimes it’s just better to listen before you speak.

So, week 1 started on Monday, June 29th with a BANG! Literally. My training plan called for 3 easy miles, plus 3-4 strides on the first day. Strides – as I have quickly learned – are 50-100 meter sprints. I’ve done them before, and from the end of my cul-de-sac to my driveway serves as a nice straight, quiet stretch to sprint. With the bonus that I end at my front door. So after a lovely evening run through the neighborhood I set up for my first stride. 1 step, 2 step, 3 step…..OH NO…CRAP, I TRIPPED….THE GROUND IS GETTING REALLY CLOSE….HOLY SHIT MY HEAD….MY KNEE…IS THAT BLOOD? MY HEAD IS BLEEDING. OH SHIT, MY HEAD IS BLEEDING.

That was my thought process in the .0003454 seconds it took me to crash onto the ground. The next thought process is a little more succinct, and happened as the neighbor called from her garage, “Oh my God, are you OK?” I. AM. SO. EMBARRASSED. 


In the end, the neighbors came out (yes, 2 of them!) to help me off the ground and bring my some paper towels as I bled from my head, hands, and knees. Somehow, I managed not to cry until I made it back to my house and had to clean myself up and shower as the Hubby and kids were still out of town. I can’t remember a more painful shower that didn’t involve childbirth.

Just to prove I’m really a Rockstar – or Badass – or perhaps Clinically Insane – I finished out the week without missing a single run – nailing an easy 4 miles the day after my spill. On the upside, I do believe I have gotten the worst of the Marathon Training Failures checked off the list, and anything from here on out that doesn’t involve blood or stitches will probably hardly be worth mentioning (I’m sure I will anyway!)

Well, that’s it for week 1 of Marathon Training. Now back to my Supermom duties, as the kids and I enjoy the remaining lazy days of summer. Happy Running.

Week 1 Done.
Week 1 Done.

One thought on “The Rocky Road to New York

  1. Those are some intense photos and an intense trip. Best of luck with the training, looking forward to reading about it.

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