Dueces Wild

Welcome to Marathon Training Week 2!

Miles run: 26.67. Lost toenails: 1. EEEEEEEWWWWWW. (Hubby told me I should ask for a discount on my next pedicure.)

Really, this is more like week 10…I started to run more consistently back in April after weeks of R&R following my spring running assault. Then, I was given a 4 week “holding pattern” by my coach to keep me in shape until actual training began. That’s right – I was training to be in training. Thanks to the powerful online community with Another Mother Runner, I get the daily e-mail dolling out each days workout. No slacking.

Selfie with a sign. Your PSA from Cooper City.
Selfie with a sign. Your PSA from Cooper City.

And just for fun, my BRF (Best Running Friend – and yes, Amy, that is you) found the Run Selfie Challenge for the month of July. Each day of the month we have to upload a selfie of us doing something theme-related on our run. It helps keep my mind focused on something other than “running sucks,” “it’s the summer, I could be sleeping,” “running sucks,” “what kind of idiot trains for a marathon in July…in Miami…,” and “running f-ing suck.” So far I’ve run-selfied in pajamas, with a drink, on a playground, flexing, with my medals, and with my cat (ok, it was run with a dog day, so Tubby had to play stunt-cat.)

Tubby the Stunt Cat
Tubby the Stunt Cat

On the running side, not much to report other than boring running stuff: was able to get the required negative splits on Thursday, and nailed my 10-miler before breakfast on Saturday with my last 2 miles being the fastest of the day. And by fast, I mean…S.L.O.W.

Selfie with a medal. The 2 blonde ones at the bottom are my favorite medals.
Selfie with a medal. The 2 blonde ones at the bottom are my favorite medals.

It’s hard to believe that I can actually run slower than the usual 11:30 per mile Fat-Girl-Shuffle. I know that it doesn’t matter, just finish…beauty is on the inside….all miles are good miles…[insert other bullshit inspiring memes here]. But it does kind of matter to me. Not that I’m comparing my time as an absolute number against someone else’s number, but I AM comparing my pace NOW to my pace THEN. And it’s going in the wrong direction. No one wants to work at some something for 4 years to get worse. Imagine trying to learn to play guitar, and after 4 years of practicing being told to play less notes – just play them over and over again. Ego killer, for sure.

But I’m sure I’ll get over the ego. I usually do. I’m a runner.

Photo Jul 13, 10 34 52 AM
Week 2. DONE.

2 thoughts on “Dueces Wild

  1. Awww, cool! BRF! I love it. πŸ™‚ The selfie challenge is so fun but I still need a selfie stick, LOL! I love our races together. I wish we could train together too because we would have so much fun. πŸ™‚ I am so excited you are going to NY. WOOHOO! Enjoy it and don’t get too caught up on your time. The first one is an automatic PR!

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