A New York State of Mind

This post has been 20 days in the making, but you know I’ve been lazy busy leading up to spring break. But now that I am in full-on lounge in sweatpants-or-read-by-the-pool-every-day-for-a-week mode, I can scream from the rooftops: I AM GOING TO RUN THE NEW YORK MARATHON.


Honestly, I have no business running this race. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. So far in 2015, I’ve only logged 1 week with more than 20 miles. That includes running 2 half marathons. Training has not been my strong suit lately. I just show up on race day and kinda wing it.

But this – this distance – this I can’t just ‘wing it’. So, I’ve done what most runners do – dive into the “How to Run a Marathon” training plans, blogs, fitness groups, to help with my panic. Yeah, that and fantasizing about eating and singing my way through a weekend in New York City, only about 10 years overdue.

So, as I spend the rest of this spring break with my feet up, reading all sorts of running books – women’s running, older running, marathon WTF running – and searching through AirBnB to find the right place to stay, I hope you all can enjoy my excitement, reluctance, and overwhelming panic.

What is your best first time marathon advice?

3 thoughts on “A New York State of Mind

  1. Be careful, do not overwork yourself, you cannot afford to have even a small injury, stay hydrated constantly, keep a water bottle with you during your daily life. Watch your diet, no matter what the race, do not cheat your diet prior to it. Most of all, get some support from friends and family, nobody can run alone mentally and physically.

  2. Decide if you are planning on racing or running it. If you just want to race then train enough to enjoy the race but not overdue it and get injured. Enjoy the experience and journey- the finish line will be worth it!

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