STILL love my ‘Canes!

This has been a very interesting week in Miami. And a difficult one for Hurricane Fans.

I am an unashamed alumnus of The U. I graduated with a Master’s degree in 2002, and a Ph.D. in 2006. I am a season ticket holder and faithful donor. I guess you could call me a “Booster.” If I am not wearing orange and green, you know I bleed those colors. And when my son, Lane, was born, I got a little giddy that he was a HUGE baby (9 lbs, 13 oz!) and might one day play for the The U. We parade him around in his “future draft pick” shirt at the games and eagerly await Signing Day in 2027.

I have been around higher education long enough to know what happens for the sports teams. Yes, the NCAA has it’s rules, and every once in a while it catches violators. I’m guessing they catch about 1/100 of 1% of those violations. Even at the most pious Christian colleges, it is astonishing the amount rule bending on alcohol, sex, and drug charges of “star” players. Disgusting and disturbing, yes. Happens anyway.

And I get it. You hate The U. Bunch of unsportsmanlike ghetto kids beat up your team 20 years ago – fine.  It will not matter if the defensive line farts butterflies and rainbows, or the QB proposes to his long-time virgin girlfriend after returning from his mission work in Borneo while simultaneously discovering a cure for cancer and rescuing a kitten from a drainpipe on the sideline.  Well, of course, unless he’s white. You will continue to hate The U.

I am not defending any illegal actions, these are serious allegations and should be considered as such. But, the most striking piece of information that seems to go unnoticed is that these allegations have been in an ongoing investigation with the NCAA since August 2010 – more than a year ago. The NCAA has not taken any action because it is still trying to separate fact from fiction in the stories told by some who lies for a living. What gives Yahoo! Sports the audacity to list allegations that can NOT be corroborated? Crap, does Rupert Murdoch run this joint??

I am not ashamed of The U. I’m pissed at the scandalous journalism and disaster porn that this story has now become. Let these kids practice and play football while the NCAA does it’s thing, you assholes. And let’s keep this in mind, too — these players are just that:  kids.

And for Lane, I would be a proud Momma if he signed to play and attend the University of Miami in the future. Hell, I would even let him work with the Gators, Seminoles, Hokies, or any school or organization if he wanted. Well, except for Yahoo! Sports. 

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