Encounter with Edwin

I want my kids to grow up and be happy and successful. But you know, I want them to be Rockstars too.

We’re blessed to be back in South Florida. It’s a large, paved stretch from West Palm Beach all the way down to Miami. Almost 100 miles of a non-stop coastal metropolis. And even though the music scene down here is not the best, it does exist. (Most of the smaller, cool, independent artists that I follow never make it south of Orlando because Miami is not really on the way to anywhere else.) And on Sunday I discovered that Edwin McCain was giving a show up in West Palm Beach as part of the Sundays on the Waterfront series. SCORE.

 And since the show was free — DOUBLE SCORE. Hell, I just really needed a good rock show, and knew that Grandma was in town (ahem, free babysitter). Then, as I was reading more about the outdoor, kid-friendly concert series I thought it would be great for us all to go. TRIPLE SCORE. So, we packed up our cooler full of juice boxes and wine (um, quadruple score?) and headed about an hour up the road in Grandma’s mini-van.

In my life I’ve been around enough venues to know my way around a stage. So when we came to the venue, it was great to see the tour bus out back. I was a little disappointed at the small crowd, but was happy to feel like it was Mommy’s personal concert. The kids thought it was too loud – well, Matilda did – and were very happy rolling down the hills at the side of the venue with Grandma. The concert was awesome, the wine was consumed, and everyone was happy!

At the end of the show, I headed out back to see if the band was going to immediately head for the bus and if we could get a glimpse. There were about 20 people hanging out and waiting as well, so we figured we take a chance, too. The kids were happy with their juice boxes and fruit snacks, so we were in no hurry.

As we started to see some members of the band come out, the kids were having fun getting high fives from everyone. Cool. Using kids for photo op with celebrities….check. Hell, Sarah Palin did it. My in-laws still do it. Why can’t I do it, too? If I want to raise Rockstar children they need to get used to the paparazzi, right?

We didn’t have to wait too long before Edwin McCain came out. He was gracious with the people who were waiting for a photo or autograph, or just to spend a minute with someone they admire.

So, here I am with Dear Hubby, Grandma, and 2 sweaty kids waiting outside of a tour bus…seriously, can I feel any less rockstar than that?

Turns out that this situation was probably the MOST rockstar I could have been. While we were waiting, I asked Lane if he would be willing to give “Mr. Edwin” (yes, we’re on a first name basis) one of his jelly-fruits. That was met with a resounding NO. I asked Matilda – she cried. And as I am begging my children to share their snacks with a legitimate rockstar who is seemingly nice enough to spend time with his fans – Edwin McCain looks at me and asks “Costco or Sam’s club? – you know there’s a difference in how they taste, right?”

Really?? I am seriously having a conversation with Edwin McCain about bulk shopping preferences?

At this point, Lane had decided that Mr. Edwin is worthy of a piece of fruit candy and hands him one – Edwin drops it. Then, in an amazing moment of Rockstar-Daditis, Edwin picks it up off the ground and says “2 second rule, right?” This is probably one of the funniest moments I have experienced – as a mom, musician, or music fan. And the empty bottle of Beaujolais that I was now carrying made it twice as humorous. After that, I turn into a real Mom and beg Edwin not to eat candy off the street and for my son to share another piece of fruit – all of which results in Matilda crying.

We ended the encounter with some high fives, fist bumps, and another photo. You know that Edwin must love kids, because I think he’s making a face in the photo – which actually makes it twice as cool as just a general fan photo. We thanked him for his time, put the kids back in the wagon, and as I left I handed him 2 packs of fruit snacks for the tour bus and my Creative Music Project business card…hey, you never know unless you try. And Lane will always know that at his very first rockstar encounter he invoked the “2 second rule”. Doesn’t get more rockstar than that.

One thought on “Encounter with Edwin

  1. You say Costco, Edwin says Sam’s Club and I say “El Presidente”. What an awesome concert that must of been. The smaller the crowd, the more intimate it is. Looks like a great and humble guy.

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