I Have Awesome Kids

Lane and Matilda

I really don’t think I say this enough about my children: they’re awesome.

I’m not bragging, they just are. And yes, I know that every mom will say that about her own kids most of the time. I just needed to tell everyone today.

Yesterday, both Dear Hubby and I had the flu. I’d been fighting it over the weekend, and he dropped with it on Monday morning. I knew we were in trouble when DH was still in shorts at 7:30 – that’s just not him on a workday. So we slugged the kids through breakfast and schlepped them out the door at 8:00. DH came back to take a nap, and I worked on some editing until my eyes crossed, and curled up on the couch myself. Then came a dreaded thought around 4:30 — crap, we have to bring the kids back. Not that I don’t love them, but with bodyaches and no voice, I didn’t think I had the wherewithal to take care of the cat.

Both Matilda and Lane wanted to play outside when we got home – and that wasn’t happening. DH managed to move from the bed to the couch to take another nap, and I pulled out the craft box and sat at the kitchen table. I explained that Mommy and Daddy were sick and we couldn’t go outside, but that we could do some craft. And you know what they said?

“Ok, Mommy.”

For the next hour, Matilda helped Lane make a fish with beads, and Lane helped draw the ocean on some paper for the new sailboat that Matilda had made. No whining about being inside on a gorgeous afternoon, no hitting, no taking crafts from each other. It was just nice. Better than nice.

Lane Making a Fish

When they were done with their crafts, they pulled out my iPad and started playing Angry Birds. Every time Matilda would knock down some structure, Lane would raise both fists and yell “Yeeh-haw, Matey.” (What can I say, he’s into pirates.) It was just too cute. Better than cute — it really was awesome.

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