Craft Project of the Day – Octopus

I really have to give this one up for my husband’s quick and creative thinking. As we arrived in Key West this week – with minimal toys on hand – we realized that the 2 year old was not really satisfied with his selection. As Dear Hubby (DH) untied the double stroller from the roof rack, he knotted the 4 short pieces of rope into one big knot and called it “Octopus”, and BAM! A new friend was made.


If we had a Sharpie, Octopus would have a face….or at least eyes. But hey, the 2 year old really doesn’t care. I think when we get home I will attach some button or googly eyes to it just because Mommy likes animals with faces. Lane probably doesn’t care, and will most likely chew them off anyway (no, he’s not a dog, despite the number of things he chews in my house).

For now, we’re just happy to have “Octopus” with us. He has been Lane’s dear friend this week.

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