Spray Sunscreen FAIL

So, as a Floridian, and a Mom – I am overly aware about sunscreen, sunburn, and all things related. In fact, in my house I am the Sunscreen Warden. If we are going outside – or thinking about going outside – there is sunscreen involved. As a woman in my [cough, cough] late 30’s, sunscreen is a daily routine. Literally. I have been wearing a moisturizer with sunscreen in it for the last 10 years. Everyday.

Every. Day.

So, when I discovered spray sunscreen in the last 2 weeks – I was ecstatic. If you have never taken the time to wrestle sunscreen onto every square inch of your children’s skin – it goes something like this:

  1. Corner first child.
  2. Realize you have forgotten sunscreen, turn your back to go get it,  first child escapes.
  3. Try to find first child again.
  4. Get first child, remove clothing, reach for sunscreen, only to find second child has “helped” you by covering themselves with the full bottle of lotion.
  5. Turn back on first child to deal with lubed-up second child, first child escapes.
  6. Wipe of excess lotion in hopes of reusing it on first child once they have been recaptured.
  7. Notice that the cat is now covered with sunscreen.
  8. Wonder if you should call Poison Control, because the “helper” child is now licking the sunscreen like the cat. Additionally, begin to think that it would just be easier to live like cave people.
  9. Re-re-corner first child, who has graciously decided to “help” you as well by streaking past the front windows buck naked.
  10. Cover the first child, wipe down the 2nd child, and exit front door — only to realize that your have forgotten to put sunscreen on yourself.
Now, like I said – spray on sunscreen — WINNING! While at CVS the other day I grabbed myself a little can — for $5.99. I sprayed it on myself, both children, and my husband (another level of sunscreen battle that will be depicted sometime in the future) and we headed to the beach. At lunchtime, we went to reapply —-
Are you freakin’ kidding me? 4 applications for the entire can??? That comes to $1.50 per application — PER APPLICATION. Reapply every hour? Only if I win the lottery.
So, CVS, your sunscreen is an official a #FAIL in my book.

2 thoughts on “Spray Sunscreen FAIL

  1. We get the Walmart brand for about the same price but it’s a bigger bottle. It probably costs about 75 cents per application, but in order to avoid steps 1-10, it’s my sanity saver. Did you notice also how expensive the regular brands of sunscreen hae gotten? It’s crazy!

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