Summer Treats

Is there anything as sweet as homemade ice cream on a hot summer day? Nope, don’t think so. So a few years ago I decided that each year we would make ice cream at least once each summer. I think it is important for the kids to know that doesn’t just come from the store.

Every year when I get rock salt from the store, the cashier says the same thing: “Oooh, someone is making homemade ice cream! I remember doing that when I was a kid.”  Its odd, though. Down here in Florida the package is called “Ice Cream Salt” — I guess that there is no other use for rock salt where it doesn’t snow.

Matilda separating egg yolks.

This year we decided on Strawberry, and we are in the middle of strawberry season. I used a recipe from the Food Network, and Matilda and Lane helped.

Lane was in charge of slicing the strawberries; Matilda made the custard and pureed the berries.

Matilda making puree.

While the mixture chilled, so did we. It is important to build up some heat and hunger in a very South Florida way.

Finally, it was time to put the mix in the ice cream maker and keep an eye on the ice level. It took about an hour to fully turn the mix into ice cream. YUM!

In other news, I’m on Week 5 of marathon training. Lots of miles, and 15 more weeks to go for the Baltimore Marathon. And I hit 500 miles for the year. Halfway to my 2017 goal!


Are you guys enjoying your summer? Do you have any summer traditions that you keep?

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