Holy Sh*t, Its Race Week

Where have the last 18 weeks gone?

June 29th, 3 miles, and an epic fall feel like yesterday. 18 weeks, hundreds of miles, blisters, 2 lost toenails, chafing, and a few tears and the race is here. The last two weeks of Taper (cutting back on miles) is a total blur. Brownie meetings, lesson plans, planning the holiday concert have taken back my life. I ran — I know simply because I have the check marks on my plan to prove it.

I’m ready for the race. Packed. Over packed. And packed again.

Getting to the Big Apple, with Dear Hubby and 2 Kids in tow – and trying to meet up with Grandma will most likely be more exhausting then running 26.2 miles.

I’ve checked the weather. Packed again. Bought some throwaway clothes. Checked the weather again. Packed ponchos. Checked the weather. Cried. Checked the weather again. I’ve certainly logged my fair share of miles in the rain, but it would be so great if it didn’t actually rain. Please? Mother Nature, do me this solid?


Doesn’t matter. I’m trained. Rain, shine, sleet, or snow, I’ll get it done. See you in NYC!

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