Lucky 13

NYC Marathon Training Week 13

Mileage: 16,26 Yoga Workouts: 1  Runs Bailed: 1 Toenails: 10

This week was cut back week, nothing much to report. But meh, meh, meh. Honestly, I just wish the damn this would get here already. I know that I have one more 20-miler to go, and I’m not certainly not saying that I’m ready, I think I’m finally just tired of training. There are no more new distances to try each week. I”m not getting any faster – if anything I’m a good minute slower than I was last year because all I ever do is long and easy. I suck at tempo runs – I try them, but since I run alone, there’s no one pushing me to be any faster. I am WAY stronger than I was three months ago, but slow and mediocre.


I feel extremely weird that one month before the marathon and I have all my toenails – and none of them are black – for the first time in 2015. I can’t figure out if I”m doing everything just so damn slow that I have lost the runner’s badge of black toenails and blisters – or that I finally got properly fitting shoes. Brooks Launch 2, FTW. Who knows any more. Everything looks so different from more-than-halfway-through training perspective. When I started this training, eight miles was the “long run” for the week. Nowadays, eight miles is just another Tuesday.

I’m starting to have to shift my focus away from running to, well – you know – life. Can you believe it — there is actually a world outside of running? In the past week, I’ve completed both Girl Scout and Boy Scout training for the kids, agreed to lead a Brownie Troop, picked the dates for the Holiday Concert at two schools, sang for 4 hours in a music workshop, and caught up on both my fall TV faves (Nashville and Grey’s Anatomy). I’m hoping that I’ll have enough going on to avoid a post-race blues when this is all said and done.

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