Summer Slacker Craft

Yeah, I’m a slacker. Especially when it comes to this blog — which is a shame since I really enjoy writing these. But life gets in the way. And if you’re not a teacher, you have no idea the kind of stress that the end of the school year can bring.

But now — summer. So be prepared for the backed-up-blog-onslaught that is summer break. But first, today’s trying to get the shit off the floor kids organization project.

I recently saw an ad for a stuffed animal tree. Here’s one on Amazon — great idea to use vertical space, but you still need floor space to put the sucker. Matilda’s room is 8 x 8, so I stole the idea and here’s what we got.

Elastic and screws on to the bed frame.
Elastic and screws on to the bed frame.

I took some elastic that I had from my sewing room, and some short self-drilling screws. We decided to screw the hangers directly into Matilda’s bedframe – since we made the loft frame ourselves it wasn’t a big deal. It also served to hide some of Matilda’s artwork that she had created the day we found some markers missing.

Then we hung a friend in each of the slots.

Matilda helping to sort.
Matilda helping to sort.


And here is the finished product.

The finished project.
The finished project.

This hopefully will help with some of the clutter in the kids room. It still leaves plenty of room underneath — where we have a play area and bookshelf for reading. We are beginning to pare down and de-clutter as the kids are getting bigger. This is a start.

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