Another Pinterest Success

My recent addiction to Pinterest has been well documented lately. In fact, I have crafted waaaaay faster than I’ve been able to blog. Most of my crafts have been family oriented, but every now and then I like to do an adult-oriented project. You know – acrylic paint, non-safety scissors, ….fire. I found this one for wall paintings with sayings in them, and pinned it awhile ago. So I decided to try it.

The first thing I realized I needed was a good saying. Other than Mommy-speak, I just don’t have a catch phrase. I wasn’t so sure that “stop hitting your sister” would look great as wall art. So I went with song lyrics.

Obviously, I have my own favorite bands and songs, but I wanted to do something special. My best is a songwriter, and his words mean everything to him. So I used them, and figured I would totally up my social karma and do this as a gift for him. (Ok, that and, as you can imagine, my walls are full of kid art.)

Beach ads on canvas.

I followed the directions — not really rocket science. Cover a canvas with paper, Modge Podge style, put on vinyl letters, paint, remove letters to magically see what was underneath. The hardest part about this, I think was just deciding what pictures to put on the canvas. **And BTW — total cheapo-mom-score on the canvases: I  got four 12 x 16 for roughly 5 bucks each during some “Summer-Moonlight-Ladybug-ComeBuyYourCraftShit” sale at either Michael’s or JoAnn’s. And I had a 30% off total purchase coupon to boot…yay, me.**

Cover with paint
Here’s Why song lyrics

I covered 2 of the canvases with pictures of lyric drafts of the songs I used on each canvas (totally stolen from his Facebook page. ;p). I was rather proud of myself for being so creative. I used beach pictures for his song “July Summer Nights” – figuring it tied in with the theme.

I ran out of songs and favorite quotes — so for the last one I used my favorite lyric, from my favorite song, of my favorite bandRoger Clyne & the Peacemakers. I copied pictures from the web of all of their albums to use underneath the “Here’s to Life” quote from Mekong. Quite frankly, he’s lucky I didn’t keep it for myself. It looks pretty awesome – and I might just redo this one for me eventually.

Roger Clyne album covers

Even though I really wanted a No-Kid craft, they had to have in on the action. I let Lane do some painting on this one.

Lane helping

And then…all the kids decided they wanted to do their own. I had extra canvases stored up, so why not? Matilda and Lane each did their name — ok, well, Lane did his name and every number he liked. You know….all of them.

Matilda’s creation
Lane….and his numbers.

Here are the four finished products for Mr. Songwriter. Naturally, he loved them and was overwhelmed that I would do this. How do I know? Because when I gave them to him he said, “I hate you.” Yep — he’s a guy. (It was accompanied by a hug, and an episode of my favorite reality show: Grown Men Crying — but I’ll never tell anyone. Shh…our secret.)

On the wall

2 thoughts on “Another Pinterest Success

  1. 1. Real men cry! =D pftt. And 2., I still can’t believe you did something like that. Being a songwriter, you nailed it right on the bullseye with what to give me. When I think about it., still kinda speechless about how to thank you for it. Here’s to life!!< will just have to do, right? =D

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