At Least my Ark will be Well Decorated…

Like many moms, and many of you, I have a ton of “rainy day” ideas for craft projects. And since my new Pinterest addiction is in full swing, those ideas have multiplied like Tribbles. Like a Boyscout, I’m always prepared to entertain unoccupied hands. But since we are on Rainy Day # 49,584,985 since summer officially started last week — um, well — I’ve been crafting/painting/entertaining faster than I can blog about it. But hey, if you all don’t mind upping the reading for the next few days, I don’t mind upping the writing.

I saw this idea while I was going into debt shopping recently at Michael’s. It wasn’t a posted craft, or a class to sign up for, but BAM, there it was: flip-flops on a wreath. What a freakin’ great idea! Everyone can decorate cheap-ass flip-flops, and then we’ll just hot glue them to something. Boo-ya.

Ok, it wasn’t exactly THAT easy — but it was fun in the end.

Most of the hold up on this was waiting for me to find things cheaper things to go on sale. But I did get a little smart in the end. I found an 18″ wreath at the Dollar Store. Flip-flops were on sale at JoAnn’s (got them for less than $1 each pair after plotting and coupon hunting). In the end, it took 6 pairs of flip-flops (cheapest I found them before was nearly $4 each).

Matilda’s creations.

I scoured the house for extra buttons and other shiny-type findings, and we attempted to put them on the flops. Note to anyone attempting this: buy the “flip-flop glue”. I have no idea what is in it, but Elmers and ModgePodge didn’t work — Dear Hubby and I supervised with glue guns to affix things, and some of them are still falling off.

Lane’s additions.

It’s a good thing Daddy is handy with a glue gun.

Mommy’s creations

When glueing the flip-flops to the wreath — I had to sacrifice a pool noodle and slice it into little wedges to add some extra surface to hold the glue. Matilda cried, but no one was really  the worse for wear.

Pool noodle wedges.

In the end, it was a great rainy weekend craft — taking almost 2 days from start to finish. Everyone is happy, and Mommy has something pretty greeting her at the door every morning…..and oh yes — I am SO showcasing this bitch on Pinterest….

4 thoughts on “At Least my Ark will be Well Decorated…

  1. Another fun flip flop decoration – now I know this sounds wacky, but bear with me – is tying different colored balloons [deflated, that is to say, just in case there are some raised eyebrows out there] close together along the straps leaving the ends loose to give a really whimsical look to them. Best part is ~ no glue is necessary! Oh yeah, baby!

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