…and a baby named Log

I’m having a sudden burst of productivity lately. I would like to think it is the longer hours of sunlight, or an inner wanting to put forth something new that has never existed before this very moment. However, I’m sure that this stems more from Dear Hubby and my seasonal diet, um, detoxing, of our latest binge week, weekend, month, spring semester full of fried things, dead animals, and beer. I give myself a little leeway – I ran two half-marathons in less than 8 weeks – but I think I drank a swimming pool of beer on Memorial Day. But, I digress.

So to keep myself from chewing my arm off tonight — a very touchy subject here in Miami lately, I asked Matilda what I should write about in my blog. She told me “a Princess.”  So here is Matilda’s Princess story, as told to me from the bathtub.



Once upon a time there was a Princess in a castle drinking tea. She invited the Prince over for cake. After the tea and cake they played games. The Princess always won. She like the Prince very much. After games they got married and had a baby. The baby’s name was LOG. (yes, it was a girl, I asked).



Okay, Gen-Xers….here is your LOG moment….

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