My Laminated List

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately, and wondering where the “umph” in mine has gone. Truthfully, I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately – however, mostly for other people. I write for my writing class (hell, I even entered the Miami Herald’s South Florida Flash contest just for shits and giggles), I write lesson plans, and mostly rewrite graduate student dissertations. But when it has come to writing for this blog – which, let’s face it – I only know of two people who read, and I happened to be married to one – I’ve been left a little struggling for topics. So, I’m going to start participating in prompts from other blogs.

While reading one of my favorite Mommy blogs this week, Not Just Another Mother Blogger posted about her Top 5 Laminated List – her A List, as she calls it. You know, mostly famous guys that if they ever happened to pass by my humble abode, I would be given a “free pass” to have my way with. It all started on an episode of Friends where somebody had a list – or they were at a coffee shop – or something else that involved canned laughter. (Hey, that was during my 20s. Thursday nights were much less “Must Watch TV” and much more “Must Go Out.” Fine, shoot me.)

The blog was actually quite witty, and I even forwarded it to Dear Hubby since the last one on her list was Nathan Fillion, because of his role in Firefly. So, with the topic being approved in a marital way, I now humbly present Kathy’s Laminated List.

The Rock. I know, you’re thinking “Kath, WTF?” I don’t care what you think. I’ve have been able to smell what the Rock is cookin’ since he first appeared on the wrestling scene in the 1990s. And really, it’s not the muscles, or the People’s Eyebrow — it’s the attitude. Anyone who calls the University of Miami Football department while in high school to say “hey, you guys should look at me” has swagger. REAL swagger. And THAT it is drop-dead sexy.

Daniel Craig. Mr. Craig really should be first on this list, but I’ve known The Rock longer. But really, THIS guy is James-freakin’-Bond. The real one – not that pussy Roger Moore that I had to suffer through as a kid. He’s smart, passionate, and kicks ass. In fact, Daniel Craig plays a lot of smart roles, and I like that. I feel that as if we might even discuss an international crisis or two while I am peeling him like a grape. Eh, just a thought.

Christian Bale.Ok, so reports are that he’s an asshole and slightly nuts in real life, but his Batman is gritty and authentic. However, it’s not the Bruce Wayne portrayal that is interesting. No, Chris, as I like to call him, is on the list because of the movie The Prestige. If you haven’t seen it – GO GET IT NOW. I will not spoil the Sixth Sense-esque ending for you, but I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Bravo, Mr. Bale – you are worthy.

Daniel Sunjata.This guy is everywhere now. As Franco on Rescue Me, he played a smart-ass Puerto Rican firefighter. On Grey’s Anatomy, he’s an outspoken male nurse pursuing Dr. Bailey. He’s listed as  “multi-ethnic, being African-American, Irish, and German.” Yeah, I don’t care. He is mochalata yummy.

My husband will be very happy to hear that this last one took me a LONG time to come up with. But, rules are rules, so…………my final Free Pass would have to go to Jon Bon Jovi. You know, I needed to have at least one musician in the group – and he’s an actor, and has a little bit of the Dirty Jersey still in him. Not to mention that he just gets better with age…..a lot better. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do….

So there it is, my list for all to see (yep, both of you). The cool thing about daydreams and fantasies is that I can talk a bunch of bullshit or change my mind, and it won’t make an iota of difference. But hey, it’s fun to think about. Kate Takes 5 seems to be the list making original Top Fiver — and I think it will be fun to participate in her Fives as she posts them, so look for more of them here. Cheers!

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