30 Day Music Challenge – Week 2 Recap

I’m still in the middle of the 30 Day Music Challenge and have been posting these to Facebook for fun. Here’s a recap of Days 8-14.

Day 8: A Song you Know all the Words. Flogging Molly – If I Ever Leave this World Alive. I’d better know all the words, this was the tune that HELLAgoodTIME performed at (my first ever) open mic night back in June. The words I remembered, the chords and my sweaty palms are another story…

Day 9: A Song that I Can Dance to. I confess: I’m white. So I had to pick something easy and played in bars where the inebriated all think they can dance, like me. Cupid Shuffle by Cupid. 

Day 10: A Song that Makes you Fall Asleep. Since I’m a musician, I can’t fall asleep to music – I just can’t stop attending to it long enough to rest. So instead for today I chose a song that we sing at night with the kids to go to sleep. Laurie Berkner – Moon, Moon, Moon. Or as Lane calls it — “Moon Song!”.

Day 11: A Song from Your Favorite Band. Picking your favorite band is like picking your favorite ice cream. There are lots you like, and it usually depends on your mood, the weather, etc. But I’m a long time Buffet fan, and this is one of my favorite songs of his. “And then I think about the good times, down in the Caribbean sunshine!” Jimmy Buffet – One Particular Harbor.

Day 12: A Song from a Band you Hate. Hate is a strong word – but I really can’t stand over-processed corporate rock from the late 70s. It just doesn’t sound authentic. Gimme a little more feedback and fuzz, please. Boston – More than a Feeling.

Day 13: A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure. Hair Band + Power Ballad = AWESOMENESS. I’m a GenXer. Shoot me, still like it. Motley Crue – Home Sweet Home.

Day 14: A Song that No One Would Expect me to Love. Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake. This could also fall into my “guilty pleasure” category.

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