A new life, a new blog

Well, here we go again.

I figured that since everything in my life has recently either ended or begun anew, it was time to start a new blog. Somewhere to dump my thoughts, if you will. I’ve always been more of a ‘secret diary’ kind of girl, but what fun is that? Recently, I’ve had a – shall we call it – career kerfluffle. I gave up a promising career in higher education to be closer to family, only to realize that was not all it was cracked up to be. In my life I’ve had a company car, expense accounts, travel vouchers, secretaries, teaching assistants, and housekeepers. I have a Ph.D., am a published author, and have spoken nationally and internationally at conferences and on film about my chosen field. I have performed with various collegiate and professional groups around the world. I even have a CD credit with a punk band — on flute [beat that!]

I’m a Hasher, and proud of it. I’ve run – literally – with the Hash all over the planet. I’ve shared a frosty beverage with strangers after a 5 mile trail of shiggy on another continent at the top of a mountain. I do the things that most people think “wouldn’t it be cool to do that?”

I play in a band. Well, I like to refer to it as the “Best Fake Band Ever.” While, yes, it has involved public performances and actual rehearsals, mostly it is an excuse for my best friend to cheer me up while playing ungodly 80’s cover songs.

And now I am a stay-at-home-Mom.

I love my kids – don’t get me wrong. But this overwhelming identity loss while ‘in between’ careers is something new to me. So I figured this blog would either help — or quicken — my currently adrift sense of self. Who know?

But I’m sure it will be fun to watch.

One thought on “A new life, a new blog

  1. so…After so much hard work… our band is fake band?! =D We’ve had “real” rehearsals, we’ve played real chords, we’ve had “real” performances. We even wrote a “real” song. That’s pretty real to me. Not to mention owning a merch store. Glad to be of an assist! Just remember to keep having a hell of a good time in life and all will be well. Band meeting!!!

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